It's finally time to announce who the new midlaner for LG Smite will be! Can you believe it? #LGLOYAL please give a warm welcome to Kim "Baskin" Woon-young! Born in South Korea, Baskin immigrated to the United States at a young age and now resides in New York. He began playing video games around the age of ten, playing mostly Halo before finding Smite. Former teammate of JeffHindla and BaRRaCCuDDa, winning multiple championships, Baskin will fit in seamlessly with the team.

"After playing with Baskin the team decided to pick him up as our midlaner heading into Season 4. Baskin is well known by the community for being one of the best mechanical players and we see him as a great addition to the team. We are confident he will fill his new role well, and be an even better teammate. Our team is very close in and out of game, which is a big part of our team's success. We can't wait to compete this season and build off last years success." - Quintosh, Smite Coach

"LG is fairly new to the Smite scene, and our first season left much to be desired. We went through our ups and downs, but through it all the personalities and strong character of our players, kept us close as we remained invested in the scene. Fast forward to today and we are coming off an intense semi-finals appearance at the Smite World Championship, narrowly falling to the eventual champions, NRG. What most impressed me about our Smite team, was just how beloved they are by the Smite community. I can say with confidence that they are the most popular figures in the game today. Throughout my first few seasons of Smite, I often saw Baskin having success and competing at a high level. More so, his professionalism and confidence really stood out to me during interviews. I believe Baskin has a high IQ when it comes to the game, and a poise; calm presence. This paired with his dedication and familiarity with the current roster, leads me to believe he will be a great addition to the team." - Steve M, CEO of LG

Joining Baskin, will be David "Allied" Hance as the team's sixth man substitute. Former World Champion on Smite for XBOX, and popular streamer, he retired previously to manage his health. With a positive attitude and strength, he is confident he will overcome his health issues and is in a stable place to come back. When the time comes, Allied will be ready too answer the call. The #LGLOYAL Smite community continues to grow!